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Refractory Anchors and Other Metal Refractory Products

 TOPPIPE is the leading supplier of refractory anchors. We have been serving the industry's refractory needs for over thirty years.

Hex Steel

Refractory metal is available in expanded metal, hex steel grid and special grid. All material is available in stainless steel and grades T304, T316, T310, T330 as well as all of the standard grades. Other refractory insulation and refractory lining products include wire mesh, expanded metal mesh and hex steel grid. Contact us today for a quote.

Refractory anchors and related materials are used for anchoring and assembling refractory ceramic fibre linings or for reinforcing monolithic linings of castables, plastics or ramming mixes. We carry a complete selection of refractory anchors. We can supply you with refractory anchors to suit any depth of lining. Our refractory anchor selection includes studs, V-clips, C-clips, and miscellaneous parts.

For a complete list of in stock refractory anchors please contact us.

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