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Refrigerant Single Check Valve
  • Refrigerant Single Check Valve



Product introduction


Plunger single check valve can open and close by itself,which can be installed in commercial refrigeration system, civil and industrial conditional equipments.





  • The valve ensures the correct flow direction only
  • Prevents back-condensation from warm to cold evaporator
  • Built-in damping piston that makes the valves suitable for installation in lines where pulsation can occur, e.g. In the discharge line form the compressor
  • Oversize connections provide flexibility in use




  • Refrigerant:CFC、HCFC、HFC
  • Media temperature:-35 ~ +100℃
  • Ambient temperature:-50~ +80℃
  • Max. Working pressure:3.0MPa
  • Max. Test pressure:4.2MPa
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