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Ceramic tile lined steel pipe
  • Ceramic tile lined steel pipe

Ceramic tile lined steel pipe have very uniform coating of a specially formulated ceramic material that is affixed to the inner of the pipe and gives a very smooth surface. Ceramics with a very low friction factor at low impingement angles can decrease the abrasion of materials maximally. Besides, its low density can makes it an easy-going character to carry and install. Depends on different working environment, direct adherence or bolt fastening could be applied for construction.



Strongest abrasion resistance.It has the excellent performance of 266 times than Manganese steel, it could be continuously used for more than 10 years.
very good intensity and hardness but with light weight. Its hardness is HRA80-85, much better than normal stainless steel, its density is half and weight is only 1/3 of pure steel pipe, then it is easier for installation or replacing.
With firmest sticking .The ceramic tiles could protect industrial components against abrasion and high temperature of above 1000°C, and as the ceramic is the inorganic material, not easy for oxidation, then it has good corrosion resistance.
Very smooth inner surface for fluent material transfer.



Its low density makes it easy to carry and install. Furthermore, its diamond-like hardness, fine grain structure and superior mechanical strength are the unique features that make it a wide range of demanding applications, such as coal preparation, power generation, iron and steelmaking, cement, asphalt, dredging, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas drilling etc.



Ceramic tile lined Chute

Alumina ceramic lined chute for material convey systerm equipments. which can deal with shock resistant and abrasion resistant as well as hight tempetature. In the cement or coal fire station, the out let of the mill chute suffer from heavy abrasion, we use the curved ceramic tile to lined into the chute with special adhesive. The service life time can be 7 to 8 years. 





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