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Bimetal cladding steel pipe
  • Bimetal cladding steel pipe

Bimetal cladding pipe is cast with mold vanishing vacuum suction casting cladding process, which has filled blank of conveyance piping used in corrosion resistance and abrasion proof industrial application in our country and also solved the difficulty to clad bend. Bends and other profile sections can be cladded in whole and this process has changed the traditional practice to fabricate bend and other profile sections by drawing polyline without changing flow pattern of material inside piping, greatly reducing conveyance resistance of material.


Steel-high chromium cast iron bimetal cladding pipe is a new type of abrasion proof piping developed by our company . Outer of straight pipe is common steel pepe, cladding realized by forming high chromium lining via centrifugal forming technique. Outer of bend uses hot-bending bend and lining is cast with high-chromium cast iron. Compared with traditional wear-resistant alloy cast iron, wear-resistant alloy cast steel, general cladding steel pipe and cast stone pipe, it has many strong points:

1. Good wear-resistance, giving full play to wear-resistance of high chromium cast iron
2. Withstanding high pressure: It can be used for any pressure rating. Close bonding of outer and lining by adopting special process so that cladding interlayer is molten-joint to ensure reliable operation.
3. Good mechanical impact and thermal impact resistance property
4. Convenient in connection for installation: It can be cut and welded as you like.
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